little china doll
There were a lot of things that Jason had seen over the years seeing patients. There were classic crazy people and those who simply needed a friendly face to tell them that everything would be alright. Jason was never particularly good at the latter, mostly because those people wouldn’t ever be better. In his opinion, those people were attention seekers who needed some sort of validation that their very real first world problems were simply that. Those sorts of people tended to come in waves and cycles and he much preferred the actual insane to those vapid human beings. The insane were a lot more fun, after all, and he could really get his kicks with subtly messing with them.

One young girl, her name was Caroline, had come to see Jason about eight years ago. Her mother was convinced that the twenty-year-old girl was suffering from some sort of mental breakdown, which was typical for a girl her age who was experiencing living away from home to attend college for the first time. From the moment she walked into the door she was stunning; this raven haired girl with blue eyes and the skin of a doll. Jason was, of course, first and foremost a man who noticed those sorts of things. It would be hard for him not to, after all. The way that she sat with her legs crossed so demurely to cover the sight of anything that would show from the short dress she was wearing, well, he was sort of smitten with her.

The problem was, she was experiencing delusions and had multiple personality disorder. She was also one of those attention seeking girls but the issue was, she was not a sheep in wolves clothing. She was the wolf and Jason desperately wanted to see if he could tame her. She would come in once a week, until he suggested that he see her more frequently. She seemed fond of the idea herself, playfully flirting with the man who was supposed to be a consummate professional. There was absolutely a mutual attraction between them and Jason just needed to figure out how and when to make his mark.

When she came in for another session, he decided to brush his hand directly on her breast as she walked past. The porcelain skin turned into a blushed color and she giggled as she turned around to face him. Even though he had taken a whiff of her before, she had never been so close that he could smell the delicate perfume that she wore. She was a little china doll, just waiting to be broken. His hand reached out to grab her waist, tightly, as he pulled her in, a gasp escaping her lips as he did so. He couldn’t help but chuckle a tiny bit at how taken aback by everything that she was, simply giggling and laughing the entire time. She didn’t wait for him this time, oh no, she pressed her lips on his with vigor and strength and it was the point of no return. There was no going back from this.

Jason had sex in his office plenty of times before but never with a girl so young and impressionable. He had always reserved the sex for those who weren’t really insane, so that couldn’t come back to bite him in the ass later. He really should have known better, though, he should have known better than to get involved with her. Soon, she was stopping by his office every single day, hungry for more. She would cry when he’d have to see a patient and couldn’t be with her. She even had found out where he lived and started stalking him outside of his own house. Now he had really gone and done it and he wasn’t even sure how he managed to retain a stalker.

Oh wait, no, he absolutely did. She was insane. It was a fact that he had forgotten to remind himself of when this had all started. If he had been smart about it, he simply would have taken a picture of her and used his hand to release his tension. Now he had a young, attractive but crazy stalker and he needed to figure out a way to relieve himself of this predicament. It wouldn’t be easy but he was certain he’d be able to think of something.

During their next session, he had figured out a way to get rid of her once and for all. She had come in at her regular time and ran to greet him with a kiss. Jason, however, kept his cool as she did so and question her behavior. “Caroline, what do you think you’re doing?” He had finally managed to dig her nails out of his back and she looked at him with a perplexed look on her face. “Jason… I… I love you.” Jason shook his head and ushered her over the couch, setting her down before he moved to his own chair. “No, Caroline. We went over this the last session. You’ve been having a fantasy about me for quite a while now and it’s not healthy. I have found someone new for you to see.” Immediately she stood up in protest and screamed loudly. “NO, NO. YOU LOVE ME TOO, JASON. YOU DO. I KNOW YOU DO.” Jason very carefully moved to the door, and stopped when she protested again. “JASON, I WILL KILL MYSELF. IF I CAN’T HAVE YOU, NO ONE ELSE CAN.” It was then that he slowly opened the door and the ambulance was there to take her away, to take her to be committed. “Caroline, you’re going to go to a better place now. Don’t worry. It’s going to be alright.”

The last he heard, Caroline was heavily medicated and doesn’t remember anything from that period in her life. Jason occasionally checks up with her mother to see how she is doing, but also to make sure she isn’t talking about him. The moral of the story is never to sleep with an insane person; it always comes back to bite you in the ass.