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He was absolutely sure he was literally insane. It had all started in the wee hours of the morning in a very tiny closet in a very big castle where he had been staying for the weekend. With him, a beautiful woman who he had gotten to know over the course of the weekend and they had seemed to hit it off. Or, at the very least, the sex was good, which was never an awful thing. He’d never complain about that. The romp in the closet was just one of the many places they had traveled to over the course of the weekend and this time he came prepared with his tie and he was ready to go.

Halfway through the act, he had discovered a truly awful headache. It could have been from the drinking, he had been doing a lot of that over the course of the weekend, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he had sobered up enough to acquire a hangover. The moment he looked at her after the onset of the headache, though, he had a different thought. She looked like someone else entirely, yet someone he knew. It was strange, to see her in a different light, and this other voice in his head was seemingly patting him on the back. Before he knew it, he was kicked out of the closet, clothes coming out after him, and he hadn’t even been able to finish the job. Well, that was embarrassing.

So he got dressed in the middle of the hallway as quickly as he could, for fear that someone would see him in the middle of the hall and wonder what was going on. There was really no other choice but to go to bed and hope that whatever weird thoughts he was having was simply due to the hangover and sleep deprivation. When he opened the door to his room, however, he saw the roommate he had been assigned for the weekend and he recognized her as someone else as well. Now it was just getting stranger and stranger. Instead of going in the room, Jason opted to find an empty couch to sleep on for the night. That was probably for the best.

There was nothing more that he wanted except sleep and yet, he couldn’t seem to sleep, thoughts rushing through his mind; memories that weren’t his, talk of chaos and another man, it was growing quite annoying. He had been close to a mental breakdown one other time in his life but he wondered if this could have been labeled more as a mid-life crisis. Unfortunately, he was reaching the age where that could have been the case, as scary as that way. A mid-life crisis would have been appropriate but it didn’t explain the memories or the fact that he had been kicked out of a closet, mid-sex, with someone who had approved of the act before. Nothing made sense right now so he tried to sleep.

The sleep wasn’t great and, in the morning, he still woke up with a headache that pounding through his entire body. He was very rarely sick, even when he was hungover, and this wasn’t making sense. At breakfast the next morning it all became very clear to him. This was not a dream. The thoughts and memories that he had the night before about being someone else were all very real and now he was faced with them head on. His friends, those he knew as his friends, were others as well and they seemed to believe it.

The rationalist in him, the side that believed in science and reason, couldn’t justify this kind of behavior from any of them. They were all simply drunk and playing a game, that had to be the case. After all, all weekend they had been playing a game of being different people. Maybe this was just the next step in the game. The game, however, got more dangerous and deadly with talk of causing chaos and fear. This other side of him that Jason wouldn’t acknowledge lit up at the prospect and he had agreed to it. Why had he agreed to it? This wasn’t a game anymore.

Once he arrived back at his place, Jason took something for his pounding headache, and sat down on the couch. Without even thinking about it he said out loud, “Get out of my head, you fool!” The voice didn’t respond back verbally but invading his thoughts with fear. Fear was this fools game and now Jason was along for the ride. The voice wanted him to stand up and find his items. There was no way he was going to find anything in his place, no one had been there for days.

It led him to the closet and inside he fought what he needed; it was fear toxins. For Jason, a man who never felt fear was suddenly terrified that something like that could show up in his place, in his closet no less, without him knowing. Even if he had been gone for the weekend, someone would have to break in. Even if that was the case, there was no way the voice in his head could have known anything about it. That didn’t make any sense.

The sight of the fear toxin had sufficiently freaked him out enough that he went into the bathroom to splash some water on his face. Once he did, it didn’t release his calm because he looked at himself in the mirror and he finally saw it himself. He looked exactly like he had pictured but now he could see underneath the surface to the man that he was. Before it was simply a faceless voice, one that he didn’t want to admit to and didn’t want to know by name. Now he knew the name and the thought terrified him. Shh, it’s okay. Don’t let the fear take hold of you now. That’s what you always tell your clients, remember? Dr. Crane is here to help you.