last man on earth
When he awoke on Wednesday morning, it was business as usual. Crane didn’t like sharing Jason’s body, as much as Jason detested the man who occupied his space seemingly once a month. The two of them didn’t communicate for reasons that were much deeper than either cared to admit. They were simply too much alike and the other had tendencies that the other absolutely hated and tried actively to fight. Sometimes it was easier for one of them to simply give in, instead of the headache that would no doubt ensue. Sometimes Crane simply took over and didn’t allow Jason to live his life or merely be a spectator for a majority of it.

This morning, neither of them was fighting for anything though. Jason knew that he would need to be in check because he had a therapy appointment with Julia and it was important to put on good appearances for her. Crane knew this too because the last thing he wanted to do was to get locked away again. Even if he would only be dealing with the repercussions of that once a month, it was still too much for his liking. Jason knew that having Crane inside of his head whenever he went to see Julia was a dangerous game, though, so he took the proper percussions and sent her a quick text message. I’m not feeling very well today. I’m still coming but I may be out of sorts. That would help to alleviate any worries that he might have should Crane decide to come out and screw anything up for him.

On Wednesdays, he didn’t see patients in the morning at all, but he wasn’t feeling all that well so he decided to just cancel anything he did have. It was tough when Crane was around to properly see people without Crane wanting to dig deeper; he had always worried that Crane might use fear gas in the middle of his sessions just to see what it would be like. Jason was morbidly curious but he didn’t know what could come of that. So he kept those thoughts at bay instead. Perhaps someday, he always thought. It could be something interesting, particularly with someone that Jason couldn’t connect with or didn’t want to be forthcoming. There were downsides to it, of course, but it was an option that was on the table for him.

When he had driven to Julia’s office he noticed the bare roads and he wondered what the hell this all meant. It seemed like most people were not out today, which seemed strange but there was a lot about this life that was strange. Perhaps something bigger was at play and Crane and Jason just didn’t know it yet. When he pulled up to the parking lot of the office, he noticed that there were no cars there. There were no cars anywhere and he felt a pit inside of his stomach tell him that something was very, very wrong. He grabbed his phone out of his pocket and checked his messages. He hadn’t received a single text message back from anyone and he could know feel that something wasn’t right.

He got out of the car and walked toward the door, expecting it to be locked but when it wasn’t, he walked in. The place was pristine; just like he had remembered it from last week but no one was here. It was empty. No young receptionist who looked like she was scared of every single person that came up to her. He opened the door to Julia’s office and it was just as he had remembered it. “Julia, are you there?” He called out for her and he got no reply. He looked around everywhere; but there was nothing except an empty office. He slumped down in the chair that he typically sat in and held his hands over his face. Then he looked up and sighed. “I don’t understand what’s happening right now. Is this some sort of dream?"

He took out his phone again and looked at it, desperate for some kind of interaction. It was almost funny too, how desperately he wanted the interaction. A man who was much more prone to being alone, who had basically recused himself for the world for the better part of three months with very little social interaction, wanted to be able to speak with someone else, to be in the presence of someone else, even if it was just for a little while. “God dammit. Perhaps this is some kind of episode. It had to be it. There has to be some kind of explanation for this type of thing.” He laughed for a moment, a dry and sarcastic laugh. “Perhaps this is some kind of great karma for the way I’ve treated others in my life. All my life I wanted to be alone and this is what happens.” He stood up and shook his head, before screaming. “I’M READY TO WAKE UP NOW.”

Now he was just angry and he knew he was getting nowhere with this. The only thing he could do now was leave and try and figure this out on his own. Perhaps there was a reason for all of this. He got into his car and drove home. The empty streets, something he may have found comforting in his own thoughts, just left him with a wave of uncomfortableness. When he arrived back at home he checked his phone once more and not a single email, not a single text message. Nothing. He thought for a moment back to a time when he has passed out for a full day and had been dreaming. His dreams hadn’t been his life but an alternative life. Perhaps that’s what was happening now but it didn’t seem like a dream. No, this felt all too real. He wasn’t sure what this all meant but he was sure as hell going to do his best to find out. The one thing he did know for sure; he would never beg to be alone again.